Are you feeling like it's time for a little

 R & R?


When you walk through our door, you will feel the welcoming embrace of our space. A soul soothing serenity that fills you even before your therapy session begins. You know in your heart it's time to make a change.

Which healing experience will you choose to begin your transformation...

 -Foot Massage

 - Acupuncture

 -Crystal Singing Bowl Session


 -Steam Therapy


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Mission Statement

We are here to help you through your process of transformational healing using the

Rules of R & R (Rita & Randy):

  -Rest & Relaxation

  -Rejuvenation & Re-creation

  -Reeducation & Reintegration

Our mission is to:


-Create and sustain a welcoming & healing environment that is supportive & non-judgmental so that every visit is infused with a sense of spiritual unity & love.

  -Further understanding of our health & balance on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual - by encouraging compassionate & passionate exploration of our selves & the world.

. -Offer high quality therapeutic services to the community in a safe & comfortable space.

-Share our knowledge and experience to help the community learn ways of self-nurturing, self-maintenance, & self-love.

-Providing tools through a retail space to assist our patrons on their journey.

-Have fun, embrace & enjoy life instead of fearing & running from it, & try to keep integrity with all of our actions while loving ourselves enough to remember that we might be subject to being human.

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R & R Transformational Healing​​