Randy's Therapeutic Price List

Contact me for your appointment at 605-254-7058 or ftbalance@gmail.com

First Full Acupuncture Visit         -$160

--2 hours, includes intake, evaluation, examination, lifestyle guidance, herbal consultation (if needed), & acupuncture

Repeat Acupuncture Visit              - $110

--1.5 hours, includes reevaluation, continued lifestyle/herbal guidance, & acupuncture

Short Acupuncture Support Visit  - $70-$100

--For chronic/stubborn problems that need frequent treatment

First Herbal Consultation        - $110

--1.25 hours, includes intake, evaluation, & herbal formulation

Repeat Herbal Consultation     - $50

--About 30 minutes for reevaluation

Smoking Cessation First Visit    - $160

--Same as first full visit but with focus on addiction treatment

Smoking Cessation Support Visits   - $80

--45 minutes, includes addiction acupuncture treatment & herbal support if needed

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