I’ve been told that as I walk this path I should be doing what I love. If it doesn't feel good, don’t do it. This a challenge for someone born and raised in a culture where the majority believe you have to work hard for what you get or just do what you have to do to survive. That used to be my reality...but now…

I believe in letting your inner light burn away your fears and limitations so your true colors can shine from within….


For many years I have expressed this through body and energy work to help people with their healing process. In addition, I now infuse my love of energetic healing into the creation of jewelry that is both beautiful and therapeutic. My pieces come to me in dreams and visions and I always know that each one is meant for someone specific. In this way spirit moves through me to design jewelry that connects people with their external and internal beauty. This allows their inner light to burn away their fears and limitations so their true colors can shine from within….


Pieces made with crystals from around the world using Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled and Copper Wire.

To see ALOT more of my jewelry go to my website: ritasrainbowjewelry.com

Carnelian and Lapis Tree of Life

R & R Transformational Healing​​